Sun Solar Australia is a local solar energy system company!

 Providing sustainable energy to the world. Sun Solar Australia is a catalyst in helping to reduce power bills and greenhouse gas emissions. We are an Australian solar distributor specializing in solar panel installation right across the nation.

We understand your individual needs. We help you navigate ever rising energy prices and the threat of climate change. We discover the opportunities that will make your organisation more sustainable, more competitive, more profitable, and hence, more valuable to society

  • Transparency and a high level of accountability
  • Unique design and quality
  • Advanced products and solutions
  • Custom financing options

Commercial Solar

Businesses are turning to solar as a way to save big dollars by reducing their power bill, to get an immediate return on investment by generating their own power as well as providing a positive impact on the environment .

Residential Solar Panel

Residential PV solar systems can range anywhere from 1.5 KW to 10 KW in size and will usually save up to 70% off one’s power bill, as well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint left from standard grid power production.

Battery Backup

When the sun is out and shining, your home or business will use power generated from your solar panels. Any excess power generated over and above your needs goes back to your battery bank, storing the excess power.

Why Choose Sun Solar Australia?

We believe we can make a difference to this world, to this very earth on which we live.We have been destroying the forests for whatever reasons for many years.


Sun Solar Australia strives for transparency and a high level of accountability in our policies and practices. we are proud to lead the industry in environmental stewardship as a recognized and certified company.


The unique design and quality of Sun Solar Australia’s solar cells eliminates 85% of the reasons cells fail. Thus you’ll enjoy outstanding performance and savings for decades to come


Sun Solar Australia innovates relentlessly to deliver the most advanced products and solutions, custom financing options and progressive sustainability practices

Planning a Home Solar Electric System?

This helps ensure quality, schedule and that we’re all working toward same goal